HI PRINT ELECTRONICS was founded in the year 1987 to deliver high quality PCBs on time to many Sectors in the Electronics field. We offer complete solutions from Library part creation, schematic entry, Board layout and fabrication under one roof with time to market and cost reduction to different industry sectors like Industrial, Automotive and consumer electronics etc.

  • About 30+ years of Experience in Fabrication of PCBs  ( Single & Double sided)
  • About 18+ years of Experience involved in CAD designs for various applications.
  • Capable of supplying the PCBs for Commercial, Defence & Air borne applications.
  • Expertise in Schematic captures & board designs – Analog, Digital, High speed & Mixed signal based.
  • Expertise in High-speed Multilayer designs with HDI and Microvias
  • Good knowledge of PCB fabrication and Assembly process.